2018  -  TOUR  1
A caravan tour is a group of vehicles (maximum of six) traveling together.  Everyone travels in their own vehicle (or one that has been rented).  Little House Site Tours plans the routes, lodging, site visits, picnic, and a farewell dinner.  All lodging places have a swimming pool.

This tour begins on Tuesday, July 17, 7 PM, near Hudson, Wisconsin; ends Thursday, July 19,  with dinner and an overnight stay near Walnut Grove, MN.  Includes visits to Pepin, Burr Oak, Spring Valley, and the Walnut Grove Museum.
Visit Laura's Birthplace - Little House Wayside,
Pepin Museum,  and take pictures along 
Lake Pepin,

      Learn more about Pepin, Wisconsin, at
 Laura's Birthplace, 
Little House Wayside
 Pepin, Wisconsin
 We tour the Masters Hotel and learn more about Laura's life 
in 1876-77.
Spring Valley, Minnesota

The Wilders were instrumental in the building of this church.  Learn more about the Wilder years in
Spring Valley and enjoy this beautiful museum.
     Spring Valley, Minnesota
All ages enjoy the 
Walnut Grove Museum with 
"hands on" activities for all ages.  Many items from the TV series are on display along with several original 
Garth Williams' illustrations.
Pepin Museum
With many items from
Laura's era.
A favorite photo place  -
Outside the Masters Hotel