100 Verses About 
Laura Ingalls Wilder    $9.99***

Over 50 color photos of places important in Laura's life are featured in this twenty page book sharing her life in poetry.

Pictures for this book were taken over a period of six years on twenty-four visits to the homesites of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Exploring the Homesites of
Laura Ingalls Wilder. $13.99

This 68 page book includes over 100 photos taken on thirty trips to the Little House Sites;
includes maps of L.H. locations and a
chronology of Laura's life.

Look at places in the life of L.I.Wilder.. 
Visit: Pepin, WI; Independence, KS; 
Walnut Grove, MN; Burr Oak, IA;  DeSmet, SD; Spring Valley, MN; Malone, NY; and  Mansfield, MO.

Provides background information about the bulldog, cottonwood trees, maple syrup time, Pa's big green book, and many other items mentioned by Laura in her books.    
These books and DVDs can also be ordered from the
Walnut Grove Museum, Walnut Grove, MN    Phone 800-528-7280
LIW Park & Museum, Burr Oak, Iowa     Phone  563-735-5916
Discovering the Homesites of
Laura Ingalls Wilder  $17.99
Also Available in Japanese Version  $17.99
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This 60 minute, full color DVD shares 40 visits of Little House Site Tours to the sites. Featured are an inside look at Laura and Almanzo's home in Mansfield, MO;  the parlor, kitchen, and entry at the Ingalls Home in De Smet, SD; the cobbler's bench and loom in Almanzo's boyhood home near Malone, NY.  

Visits also include the Little House on the Prairie Historic Site near Independence, KS; Little House Wayside, Pepin, WI; Masters Hotel, Burr Oak, IA; pioneer activities at the Ingalls Homestead, 
De Smet, SD; and things to see in Walnut Grove and Spring Valley, MN.
Visiting the Homesitesof Laura Ingalls Wilder   $19.95
This 23 minute color DVD follows the Ingalls Family as they move from Pepin, WI,  to Independence, KS, on to Walnut Grove, MN, a short stay in Burr Oak, IA, and then they move to to De Smet, SD.

In De Smet, Laura marries Almanzo Wilder. They spend a short time in Spring Valley, MN, and eventually move to Mansfield, MO, where the LIttle House Books
were written.  The Wilder Farm, near Malone, NY, is also featured, since Farmer Boy, Laura's second book,
took place there.

Herbert Hoover Library and Iowa Braille & Sightsaving 
School are shown in this DVD.  Pictures were taken for
3 years on 8 different trips to the Little House Sites. 
Gift Set: Exploring the Homesites Book & Discovering the Homesites DVD  
Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Family Journey​  $16.99
See some of the places that the Wilders could have seen, in 1894, as they journeyed from De Smet, SD to Mansfield, MO.  You will also enjoy many of the new and exciting additions to these areas.

This 83 page book has over 250 current and historic photos, with some of them dating back to the 1890s.

There is a Directory of Little House Places with pictures and information about all of them.  A chronology 
of Laura Ingalls Wilder, her family, and her books, make this an interesting and informative book for all ages.
Laura Ingalls Wilder      Her Life in Verse
New in 2016,   This 24 page book has ten 8 x 10 pictures of the Little House Sites suitable for framing.  Pictures are from Malone, NY; Pepin, WI; Walnut Grove, MN; Spring Valley, MN; Burr Oak, IA; Mansfield, MO; Independence, KS; and three from De Smet, SD.     On the back of each picture is a poem that tells about Laura's life at that location.   This book makes a great gift for Little House fans of all ages.