Little House Site Tours LLC was organized in February 2000  -  with tours beginning in 2001.  People have 
joined us from twenty-three states and thirty-nine have come from five different countries. 

   In 2005, we started caravan tours so more people could go to the sites with families and friends.  Caravan tours are made up of several vehicles traveling together and provide a wonderful opportunity for all ages.

   Private caravan tours are available.  You can choose the starting point and dates.  Little House Site Tours will work with you and plan a trip to places mentioned in the Little House books and other related sites.

   The Little House Site Tours Newsletter is mailed free of charge to people all over the world.  If you would like to be on the mailing list, please contact us.

   Little House Site Tours now has four books and two DVDs available.  There is more information on our website.  Click on the "BOOKS and DVDs" link from our home page.

   Please contact our company if you have any questions about our tours or publications.